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Sample Chart of Accounts
Resource 7.1 from page 134 - Download PDF
This sample chart of accounts was developed for local churches by Rev. Joan DeBoe, an accountant, pastor and formerly the Missouri Annual Conference Assistant Treasurer. She developed this chart based on her own experience in a local church, an experience dealing with a chart with no sense of logic and resulting struggles with financial and year end reporting. This particular chart isn't designed to be used with accounting software and might be thought of as the simplest approach to a chart. Various software packages will allow for more categorization and organization. Still, notice how the chart moves from general to specific categorizations. It begins with income and moves down to expense. Each level of the chart flows logically to the next. With this chart, a church may easily keep careful track of its income, its primary sources and its expenses, gaining an insight into what it's spending and when.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  1. What does it mean for a church to have “orderly books and records?” What is the value? What might be the risk of encouraging order and recordkeeping?
  2. When does accounting go too far? What does it become a burden on ministry?
  3. How can church leaders ensure high quality accounting, while also ensuring an easy outflow of money to support ministry?

Case Study

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