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Sample Congregational Budget
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Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  1. What is the current budget process in your local congregation? Would you describe it as functional or dysfunctional? How does it ensure that the budget is tied to the unique mission of your local congregation? Does it? If it doesn’t, what would have to change for that to happen?
  2. How does your congregation handle designated gifts? Is there a strategy that ensures that designated gifts serve the greater mission of the church? Or do designated pile up or even worse, do designated givers use the practice to try and change or control the church’s agenda? What might be a strategy to reduce designated giving in order to enhance excitement?
  3. What are the costs of past generations that your congregation is still paying? What would it look like to be unburdened of those costs? What would that require? What would the consequences of such an unburdening be? For example, if the costs of a previous generation are incurred because of extra staff positions that no longer square with the church’s mission, what would the consequences be of changing the structure? How might the congregation begin to take the steps necessary without creating too great a consequence?

Case Study

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