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Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  1. Theologians often talk about “hermeneutical keys,” concepts used to provide an interpretive framework to theological material. Sometimes, scholars draw an analogy to a lens through which we might view certain theological concepts. In Vile Practices, we begin with “generosity” and use it to develop every financial administrative practice discussed. We further develop the idea of generosity in terms of self-giving. With that stated, we can admit that other concepts may be just as valid as a starting point and lens to think about financial and administrative practices. Other than generosity, what other concepts might be used to develop a theological articulation of finance and administrative practices both in the lives of individuals and in local churches?
  2. Whatever your key or lens, how does that change the way you think about the Christian life?
  3. Given what you think about the Christian life, what does that suggest about the way you should think of financial and administrative practices? What characteristics would you use to describe those practices? What do you gain by talking about them in those terms?
  4. Finally, what is the downside or risk in the way you just described those practices? What negative impact might the way you think about them have?

Case Study

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